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RACE Wheel Sticker #3 (12pcs)  MAX-07-003

Sick of the odd-looking white dish wheels which ruin the look of your outstanding RC car? 
No worries, we got you covered!

Our RACE Wheel Sticker #3 sheet is designed, printed and pre-cut in Germany. 
Race car fans will know this legendary wheel design which is called "turbofan". 
The turbofan's were bladed covers attached to the wheel in order to reduce brake temperature.
Cool technology which was banned at some point as they were considered as active aerodynamics.
We bring this cool looking wheel design back on track, even if its only as sticker!
Perfect upgrade for GT and FWD class cars as well as all other TC classes.

Every sticker sheet is covered by high quality matte laminate to protect the print from UV-light and chemical cleaners. 
Keep in mind that stickers can be destroyed or scratched at crashes and barrier contacts, similar as 1:1 car wheels!
The stickers fit the most TC dish wheels like RCK, VOLANTE and SWEEP.

Size (ODxID): 52,1x13,3mm

MAX-07-003 contains: 
1x RACE Wheel Sticker #3 (12pcs)

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