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Precision Wing Mount set   MAX-05-002

The wing position greatly affects the handling of your car. It's a powerful setup option to adjust your car to certain grip conditions and track layouts. Mounting the wing correctly and especially straight isn't as easy, but very important!

For this reason we developed the Precision Wing Mount set to help with the correct and repeatable mounting. 
Our CNC machined aluminum drill jig fits perfectly in the wing mount of the bodyshell which allows to precisely drill the mounting holes for the wing. The included Ti-coated 3.0mm drill bit is guided by the alloy jig during this process. 

Furthermore, the set consists of eight Precision Carbon Wing Mount Plates as well as four M3x8 PA screws and eight M3 PA nuts for the optimal wing attachment. As the wing sit high on the bodyshell its further important to keep the weight as low as possible, that's why we chosen Carbon for the plates and PA for the fasteners. Sturdy and lightweight for the best performance!

The Precision Carbon Wing Mount plates are mounted one from the inside in the wing mount and one on top of the wing. As they have the same shape and hole pattern as the aluminum drill jig, they match up perfectly and further reinforce the mounting on the inside. The large footprint of this plates will help on the top side to keep the wing deformation as minor as possible.

Additionally, this set offer the possibility to drill holes in a specific distance to each other in order to change the wing position and affect the handling. The distance between each hole in the drill jig and the Carbon Wing Mount Plates is 2,5mm. This allows you to adjust the wing position in 2,5mm steps inside the same bodyshell. The total adjustment range of 12,5mm. 

--> Check the manual/instructions here:  INSTRUCTIONS 

 The set is suitable for following Bodyshells: 
- ZooRacing ZooZilla 
- ZooRacing PreoPard 
- ZooRacing DogsBollox 
- ZooRacing HellCat 
- ZooRacing BayBee 
- ZooRacing Wolverine
- ZooRacing ZooDiac
- Xtreme Twister 
- Xtreme Twister Speciale
- Mon-Tech YSOT

MAX-05-002 contains: 
1x MXLR Aluminum drill jig
1x Ti-coated 3,0mm drill 
8x Precision Carbon Wing Mount plate
4x M3x8 PA screw
8x M3 PA nut

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