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LW Wing Bolts   MAX-05-004

It's important to keep the weight and by this the center of gravity as low as possible to achieve the best performance. 
As the wing mounts are naturally placed on a high position of the bodyshell, every gram of weight you save in this place is a performance gain.

Our LW Wing Bolts are made of PA plastic in white/cream color. 
The material has great properties such as strength and elasticity to survive even hard crashes without damage.
Downside of the screws = it's rather easy to over tight the nuts and skip the thread of the screw. Please be gentle at tightening! We recommend to add a second nut (we include enough) on every screw to create a "double nut"-bonding.
For this reason we included two nuts for every screw. 

SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT ->  2 screws + 4 nuts = 0,4 gram 

MAX-05-004 contains: 
10x M3x8 PA LW Wing Screw
20x M3 PA LW Wing Nut 

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