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With the trend of feather light bodyshells and even higher top speeds, deflection of bodyshells became an issue for serious racers! The solution is our MXLR Front Body Support for the Tamiya TRF421 which:
- prevents deflection of the bodyshell under higher speeds
- reduces the risk of cracking the front wheel arches of the bodyshell
The result is an extended lifetime of your bodyshells combined with better performance on the track as the shell will stay in its original shape and produce more downforce! 

Our MXLR Front Body Support is made of flexible and durable plastic! In the design process we took special care about the TRF421 front bulkhead design and the importance of "flex" in this area. Our Front Body Support is designed to have the least flex influence possible! 

Sidenote: Don't forget, this product is made by a 3D printer. It means you are able to see layers and lines from the material! We strive for the best quality our printers are able to deliver. Still you need to keep in mind that 3D printed parts are not the same standard as machined or molded products.

MAX-09-022 contains:
1x Front Body Support for Tamiya TRF421

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