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RACE Headlight Sticker set 1/10  MAX-07-006

Most of us aim for an aggressive and racy look of our bodyshells. Most important for this are the Headlights and grills!

Together with the help from one of the best graphic designer in the USA we created the RACE Headlight Sticker set for 1/10 bodyshells. Overall there are three different grills as well as head- and tail-light pairs on the sheet.
Not to forget our SEND IT! license plates as extra gimmick!
They are universal fit for the most 1/10 TC as well as for some FWD and GT bodyshells.

Every sticker sheet is pre-cut and covered by high quality shiny laminate to protect the print from UV-light and chemical cleaners. 

MAX-07-006 contains: 
1x RACE Headlight Sticker set 1/10

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