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The weight distribution of a car is one of the most powerful setup options that most racers overlook!
Space to place weights in an RC-Car is very limited. Using high-density material, such as Tungsten, it's possible to place more weight even with less room. Main goal for weight placement in race cars = AS LOW AS POSSIBLE! 

MXLR Tungsten ESC Weight 15g. is designed to fit under speed controllers, especially under the light stock version esc's from various brands. To counteract the weight of the battery it's needed to place weight on the electronics side of the car where the space is naturally limited.
The most efficient and performance orientated way is to put the weight under the lightweight e-components.
This will help to get the car up to the minimum weight of given regulations at events and benefits the weight distribution. Furthermore it can be used as balance weight in other places, for example between the servo and motor.

Round corners as well as polished top and lower surface underline the high quality of our Tungsten Weights.
For the installation we recommend to use a thin double sided tape (0.1-0.2mm).

Size (WxLxT): 26,5x32,5x1mm
Weight: 15g. 
Weight tolerance: 14-15g.

MAX-03-004 contains: 
1x MXLR Tungsten ESC Weight 15g.

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