A passion for RC-racing and the pursuit of perfection - this is the key philosophy of MXLR.

MXLR RC Motorsport T-Shirt   MAX-06-001 - MAX-06-005

Our first ever T-Shirt - inspired by a famous Motorsport design!
The MXLR RC Motorsport T-Shirt, in a typical round neck style, is made from 100% cotton with a high quality DTF transfer print on the front and back side.
Nobody really likes cheap and thin material - for that reason we chosen a heavier type shirt with 205 g/m²! 

Classy style - good quality - comfortable to wear!

Part number and sizes: 
MAX-06-001 MXLR RC Motorsport T-Shirt S
MAX-06-002 MXLR RC Motorsport T-Shirt M
MAX-06-003 MXLR RC Motorsport T-Shirt L
MAX-06-004 MXLR RC Motorsport T-Shirt XL
MAX-06-005 MXLR RC Motorsport T-Shirt XXL
MAX-06-006 MXLR RC Motorsport T-Shirt XXXL

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