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Carbon Winglet 40x20mm (4PCS)   MAX-05-001

Winglets are an important tuning possibility for every TC bodyshell. As they stiff up the side of the thin polycarbonate wings, there will be less deformation under load which results in more stability and grip.

Cutted by a CNC machine, our MXLR Carbon Winglet 40x20mm comply with the maximum winglet size for EFRA and IFMAR events. The round edges are not only a optically benefit, it's also an protection for yourself and the track marshals in case of an accident.
The strong 3M adhesive on the winglet backside guarantee an easy and secured installation on your wing. 

Size (LxWxT): 40x20x0,5mm

MAX-05-001 contains: 
4x Carbon Winglet 40x20mm

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